* Indicate if it is currently time to administer the next dose of prescribed medicine to a pet

* Allow a veterinarian to request and view pet medical history document(s)

* When necessary, immediately report a pet as lost

* When lost pet is recovered, remove lost pet event report

* View the next care provider appointment


* Owner Information

* Pet Information

* Annual Membership Fee per pet - $24


* Laminated QR Coded Pet ID card

* 2 cards included with membership

* Order replacement cards for free

* QR ID cards will be sent to pet owner

How to Signup

* Select a Veterinarian Business that has a VetMasterID account for advanced benefits. A Vet without a VetMasterID account, you receive basic benefits.

* Click to view or search Veterinarians in your area.

* For your pet, obtain a PetMasterID subscription through that Veterinarian's VetMasterID account.

* Encourage your current Veterinarian to obtain and use a VetMasterID business account and subscribe all of your pets.

Optional Items

* QR Coded Pet Tags - click to see choices (link to be added)

* QR Coded Pet Collars - click to see choices (link to be added)

* Pet Master ID custom microchip - $10

* We will send microchip to the VetMasterID Veterinarian you choose.

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